Revelations, the only book promising a special blessing to the ones who read it.



To start it may be helpful to outline Revelations according to the Christian Bible which is what will be referred to as I show you the way revelations is outlined in The King James version of the Bible.


Revelations is primarily significant because it is a book about “things which must shortly come to pass”.  Many of these things we would not know if the book of Revelations were not in the Bible.  It is the only major prophetic book in the New Testament.


John was commanded not to seal the book (22:10), and those who read it are promised a special blessing (1:3).  Apparently, therefore, the book was expected to be an apocalypse (literally, a revelation), designed not to mystify, but to clarify.


Knowing more about Revelations  may be helpful; below is an outline of Revelations.


  1. “The things which thou hast seen” (1:1-20)
  2. “The things which are” (2:1-3:22)
  • “The things which shall be hereafter” (4:1-22:21)

Prologue (4: 1-22:21)

  1. The Tribulations (6:1-19:21)
  2. Seal Judgments (6:1-17)
  3. Trumpet Judgment (8:1-9:21)
  4. Bowl Judgments (16:1-21)
  5. The Millennium (20:1-15)
  6. The Eternal State (21:1-22:21)