How should your faith influence your politics?

The democratic in contrast seem uncomfortable with the subject religion, the exception was Joseph Lieberman. Democratic stumble over themselves to assure voters that while they may be people of faith, they won’t allow their religious beliefs to affect their political views. Today think of the political laws now enforced that allow beliefs to be against Gods values. In the bible there are many resources that say man and woman in matrimony and then there comes child. Children are born between man and woman to help make a better generation towards Gods Grace and divine love to better have a chance for grace among the living, just for example. The people are the ones who vote things in so just ask yourself certain decisions that are made, what are you making those decisions as for what cause?

For too many Democrats, faith is private and has no implications for political life. But what kind of faith is that? Where would America be if the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had kept his faith to himself?

President Bush is as public and expressive about faith as a lot of former republican occupants of the white house. Among his first acts of President was to establish the Office of “Faith -Based and Community Initiatives”, which helps religious groups and community groups get federal financing for some of their work. Although the “faith-based initiative” turned out to be more symbolic than substantial, symbolism matters in religion as well as politics.

In so many ways Presidents hide their beliefs because of the nature of their term but do realize a lot of the Presidents do not stand for some of the laws passed, ones that hurt America not help and minimizing the influence that God gives us as a nation and ultimately the world of the presence of truth. Presidents are to be the best presenters for the message of time that they can be, it’s us people they are giving what we want. We vote but the presidents have already been chosen we vote so they can see where are heads are in thought so then navigating is one of the responsibilities of a President. People are the ones who need to start navigating to the truth.

Just to be  clear my thoughts are  not against same sex relations because that’s something that needs to be worked on the way chosen within themselves, but in matrimony in Gods Grace I am not in belief. For one thing they cannot bear children yes adopt imagine not having the ability to learn relations between man and woman in love and matrimony as in Gods Grace.