Genesis 11-23

The story of Abraham

The book of Genesis is the gateway to the Bible; the first book that begins, “In the beginning God…” “The book of Genesis, like the scripture it introduces, is sublimely open-ended, a preface to the present…One lone Old, creator of all things, is portrayed justice. This is properly speaking, neither a tragic nor, as often maintained, a “salvation” history-for its original audience beloved it’s true outcome to hinge on present and future events.”

Genesis has four movements; the primordial history , the Abraham cycle , the Jacob cycle , and the saga of Joseph and his brothers . The final word of Genesis is Egypt,

Abraham was semi-nomadic herdsman and a very wealthy man. His household was very large. He was recognized as significant when he traveled through foreign lands. His story follows on the heels of the Tower of Babble.

Ok, according to map I attached, the Fertile Crescent (life started) was in UR to the right and up from by the Persian Gulf and continues through the Babylonian Kingdom (tower of babble) up to Haran by Subartu and continues down to Egypt. Now the Tower of Babble started almost in the beginning where God tore down the tower that people were building to reach God. Little did people know it takes a lot more to reach God, opening your heart and mind letting God inside telling truths was and is the only way to reach God. Heaven sake why wait till your dyeing add all the stress that takes a lifetime to be with God..

People after having their tower tumble now had their own (language and heritage). The reason for the difference in people’s origin and language was to get people to get to know God before going to see him and learning his grace. After each culture had their own understanding they would come together and share their stories of the relationship and understanding of God with respect to others.  This is how different cultures came about.

Where are you?  Are you learning to accept others understanding of God with respect and realizing that Gog is God it does not matter how you get to him God ultimately wants us to know what the amazing truth of love is about.