Why Does Evil Exist

The Nature and Origins of Evil

Dense and dark material throughout history continually exists and is taught.  Inevitably the teachings of darkness throughout history and present affect our conscience. Communication of History and of Present times Taught with pain, grim savagely presented circumstances requires serious effort and eventually induces  on society an  effort to create evil and sin.

People present the pain of which believed are needed to get to a point of which is continual and results in a never stopping twisted mirage of evil. The gift of God is not present with this mirage and eventually corrupts a nation.  We are one Nation under God and my God presents no evil. God is not about evil, why does man continue to teach the opposite of God’s Grace, effortless inducing cruel intentions?

The struggle presented by a force only within side one is obtained by another through sharing and that sharing gets twisted. The drain one can do to another is unacceptable or acceptable, you tell me?

Professional, Personal both together in perfect harmony coupled with the complete Grace of God in the % determined offers total elimination of suffering.

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