What type of society do we want? Relate to society the way God does?

The moral vision of Eucharist=the moral vision of Eucharist (Spiritual and moral)

Eucharist themes

  1. Covenant meal binding. God to you
  2. An inclusive table (Jesus)
  3. Involves relation with others. Draws us more into the world, the community based on reconciliation and forgiveness to you and/or others if chosen gracefully, without harm to oneself.

Remember and celebrate Jesus death as a convicted criminal as he did on the cross.

Jesus death shows us all that we as well are convicted criminals (sins) and are saved by Jesus through God. Look into your own life and realize if sins have been brought to us by humanity till death do we part. It is time to not bring this as a human being into any more birthed lives. How and when can you start the divide? Birth of innocence is so-real then why be the one who interrupts Gods process of heaven on Earth to ourselves and especially our young ones.