I just started a new position and was at the Regional Event for 2014 yesterday. This event encapsulated many things that I heard again today but in a different arena.

I was at church today and it is simply amazing how God works through Jesus (my brother) and today my teacher as well. Reverend shared with the community amazing grace and this is what I learned.

The truth is an active commitment and Jesus always tells the truth. To make an active commitment makes one move toward a direction of freedom to believe, freedom to believe in ourselves. Making an active commitment to a person becomes an active commitment to us.

It is simply amazing how most sit on the death clause, like what will happen when I die? Now that is petty negative, wouldn’t you say? Instead why not pay attention to the commitment that performs divine grace and learn to live not die.

God loves us so much that he sent his only begotten son to show us all the truth. Isn’t it time to find the truth and live instead of a lie and let you self die,