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Results of the 2013 Minnesota Student Survey, released this week, suggest that fewer Minnesota adolescents drink, smoke, have sex or skip school than their peers did over the past decade. There seems to be a heavy decline on peer pressure to push kids toward drugs and alcohol,” said Nguyen Lu, a senior at Highland Park Senior High School. No students were from Minneapolis Public schools were among the 162,034 youths who completed the survey in 2013, so responses are lacking from an urban student body with high rates of  diversity and poverty.


Sue Jeffers, Minnesota State representative suggested :

Two schools in the same challenging neighborhood of North Minneapolis…

Bethune is a Minneapolis Public Schools district school… Harvest-Prep is a charter school…

Take a look at these results and then think about the fact that there is NO ONE on the waiting list at Harvest-Prep…

WHY IS THAT?!? Shouldn’t parents be scrambling to get their kids into Harvest-Prep?!?

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  • Elizabeth Christianson ya definitely the minneapolis school system needs better teachers who really know whats going on in the world today obviously

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Dan Niesen Elizabeth Christianson It has more to do with the parents, those that can, avoid the Minneapolis schools.

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Elizabeth Christianson yes parents have alot to do with it but teachers have influence no matter what!!!! If you bring your kid up right enough to know he/she has the right to say no yes say no to anyone than the teachers could pull in the lead but teachers or anyone else does not constitute the meaning of what free will really means, Free will given by God!!!!!!!

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Mark E. Lang Iv’e been pounding the drum on getting government out of school for a long while. At least for the love of all that is holy can we can teacher unions, tenure, and INSIST on TEACHER performance based pay and job status AS THE REST OF US in the job market need to?

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Dan Niesen I am not for teacher unions or against pay for performance, but the real problem is the lack of dads and the welfare mentality of the inner city parents. Yes it would be nice to get rid of the political teaching to the left that happens, but that will…See More

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Loren Piller Need a grand experiment. Govt. boarding school with only parental visitation no summers off vs. private boarding school paid with vouchers. Ok forget it. Home school.

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Elizabeth Christianson Loren ya home school but the teachers and the peer communication helps the parents move farther or helps the kids be able to gain their own independence and free will with freedom of choice. This is pnly my opinion on the matter

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Elizabeth Christianson Dan yes I totally agree with you hold the parents accountable!!!! To a certain point, and then hold them both accountable if need be. Parents in classrooms I also agree with Good insight Dan

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Dennis Dunnigan I have NO issue with unions public employee or private sector. However, union need to be opposed when they are over the top or just plain wrong.

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J Scott Casper Kids need parents that teach responsibility and accountability not more freedom

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Elizabeth Christianson yes God back in our schools and understand no matter what we all have free will and that goes for our kids so to cut down on all the rights and wrongs the kids hear all the time, give them a chance to find their own way. Rights and wrongs are used way too much be it parents, teachers, whomever that is not our right, we can share our opinion but there is only one God, let the kids find him through their own understanding of true self. So I say watch your rights and wrongs!!!!!!!!

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The survey paints a picture of Minnesota teens filling their days with work, sports and homework. The study also shows texting, emailing, and socializing on face book snd twitter are among some the events kids today enjoy on their free time. Could it be they share about things that we as adults do as well as you see above and possibly God in the picture. Maybe we should ask the kids if they would like to learn about theology on their own level and understanding shared with other peers. Free will,  Free choice equals an individuality far beyond any other form of knowledge towards knowing and understanding oneself.

Maybe a  perfect class  for theology/philosophy in our kids schools today!!!