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The Third EYE


It would be a serious mistake to look at events and trends in the United States merely through the eye of economics and politics. It might seem normal, even tempting, to do so. But to truly understand the significance of global events and trends, we must not limit ourselves to a conventional world. We must also analyze events through what may be referred to as a “third eye” – the eye of scriptures, (If you read my past articles you will see an interchange of politics and scripture). Only when we have a biblical overview can the full picture become clearer. Only then can we begin to see in three dimensions: politics, law and God (some might call God a religion).

Looking through the third eye of truth is an equally valid and important approach for the future of not only the understanding of Israel and the Middle East from a biblical perspective but also including the understanding other nations and the United States in the biblical sense. For while it may be interesting to read what the pessimists and the optimists say about the future of any country, what matters most is what God says in his holy word.

The third eye is essential in addressing whether the Bible describes the future of America and what clues it can provide as to whether we will survive the severe threats facing us today. Let us therefor consider, does the Bible really claim to know and describe the future? The scriptures were written down by men, men did not write them. To the contrary, the Bible states clearly and unequivocally that it is the inspiredWord of God himself.

For example we read again and again “Then God said….” (Genesis1: 369111420, 242629). Moses wrote down the words of the Lord, as the Lord commanded. The Bible tells us, “Then God spoke all these words…” (Exodus 20:1)

The longest chapter of the Bible (Psalm 119) is about how powerful and helpful and wise and lives changing the scriptures are because they are the very words of the living God.

When we get to the New Testament, there is a continuation that the words of the scriptures are the word of God.

Think about it for a moment. The prophecies in the Bible tells mankind about hundreds of specific events that would happen, knowing that man had free will and could choose destruction before prosperity of ones own grace. Therefor only God could give servants advance notice.

The prophecies about captivity of Jerusalem came true, The Prophecies about Four World Empires came true, The Prophecies bout the first coming Messiah came true, The Prophecies spoken by Jesus came true. Bottom line the Bible contains about one thousand prophecies, more than half of which have already been fulfilled.

Are you there yet?