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 What is your work ethic

When Jesus joined the ranks of humanity, born into the humblest  conditions.  Jesus Glory was hidden from all but a few people.  John 2:11, Luke 23:35-36, PSALM 92:1-5\.

Taken from the book,   “Jesus calling”.  Words have been changed to create conceptual difference but same meaning. God, through Jesus speaks in the depths of our being . Be still, so that you can hear My voice. I speak in the language of love; My words fill you with Life and Peace, Joy and Hope. I desire to talk to all, but many are too busy to listen. The “work ethic” has them tied up in knots.  They submit wholeheartedly to this task master, wondering why they feel so distant from God.

Living close to God requires making God your first love-your highest priority. As you seek God’s  Presence  above all else, you experience Peace and joy in full measure (rest assured fulfill in God and all else can and will be fulfilled through you with Jesus.)  While you journey through life Gods presence brighten the world around you.

Learning to listen to God through Jesus gives us all the divine Grace that succeeds all and will give answers to the truth to what life is all about for you. Not listening to the words of grace will create utter chaos and steers into a direction that will not succeed anything but complete falseness creating harm in everything we do. 

In Jesus Christ we all stand on level ground. Our spiritual acts of righteousness count for nothing. Before Christ, circumcision was a legal requirement in order to be counted as a righteous person. But now, the only thing that has any power whatsoever to effect a spiritual change in us is faith—the faith of one saved by Jesus Christ, which comes to effective manifestation through love.  Galatians 5:6
For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision counts for anything, but only faith working through love. (ESV)

Is your work in ethical form for man or for God.